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New Release Lilli out now ... 

Lilli is a teen girl - looking a bit bored and insecure and from time to time very embaressed with a cute blush in her face.

You can get her in 4 different Skin Tones - from very pale till nicely tanned.

She is very pure (besides her freckles ;-D )  - a perfect base skin for you to combine with make-up and lip tattoos - also available here in our store !!

Each Skin Pack includes 4 Skins - only choice you need to do is about the skin tone and being blond or dark:

- 1 Pure Freckled - blond or dark eyebrows (depends on your choice) without hairbase
- 1 Pure Freckled - with Hairbase (blond or dark - fitting to eyebrows)
- 1 Pure Freckled Blushed (looking embaressed) without hairbase
- 1 Pure Freckled Blushed (looking embaressed) with hairbase

Also have a look at Lilli Group Skin !! I love to read the novel House of Night right now and the group skin is my interpretation of how the young vampyres look like.... 



New Release out now !! Jade ... A very pure basic Skin - and lots of variations!!

After a long break we are back to sl now. We have worked very hard on our new skin release ... and here she is: JADE ... a very pure basic skin!

Jade comes in 5 different Skin Tones. Each Pack includes 
  • 2 pure basic skins without any make-up (one with hairbase and the other one without) - so a perfect base for your own make-up tattoos.
  • 2 Make-Up Skins (of your choice), again with and without hairbase)
  • 4 Cleavage Options.

The Skins is highly variable... I made more than 30 Lip Tattoos, 12 additional Complete Make-Up Tattoos, 9 Eyeliner-Tattoos and 6 Eye-Make-Up Tattoos. And I will work on a lot more combinations....

You dont need to buy any fatpack.. cause once you bought the skin package you can always buy the other make-ups as tattoo too!!

Have a look at the Pure Basic Skin:  

Here a very cute variation of her with blush and soft lip make-up:

... and here you see the business women ... tough and straight but sexy:

The mysterious one... you dont need any additional slowly rezzing hair... the hairbase is beautiful enough ....

The Skin is very changeable... come and find out your favourite!!
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