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New Release Lilli out now ... 

Lilli is a teen girl - looking a bit bored and insecure and from time to time very embaressed with a cute blush in her face.

You can get her in 4 different Skin Tones - from very pale till nicely tanned.

She is very pure (besides her freckles ;-D )  - a perfect base skin for you to combine with make-up and lip tattoos - also available here in our store !!

Each Skin Pack includes 4 Skins - only choice you need to do is about the skin tone and being blond or dark:

- 1 Pure Freckled - blond or dark eyebrows (depends on your choice) without hairbase
- 1 Pure Freckled - with Hairbase (blond or dark - fitting to eyebrows)
- 1 Pure Freckled Blushed (looking embaressed) without hairbase
- 1 Pure Freckled Blushed (looking embaressed) with hairbase

Also have a look at Lilli Group Skin !! I love to read the novel House of Night right now and the group skin is my interpretation of how the young vampyres look like.... 



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