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...... .. and here are the details... Myla...

Here is Myla... a brilliant high quality Skin .... available in 2 Skin-Tones - both a bit darker with golden touch!! I will work on a lighter one very soon too !!


16 different Make-ups are available. With each Make-up you will get 3 Cleavage variations, eyes, prim-lashes and eyebrows. I need to mention, that each Make-up Set includes 4 Skins (2 eyebrow-variations as well as a shaved and striped version).


.... and if you join *apparence VIPS* inworld group (entrance fee once, but special discounts and group gifts  offered... ) you will get the Group Gift Skin for 1 Linden ....

... last but not least.... made a glitter-make-up line too .. (2 Skins in a pack, 3 Cleavage, Prim-Lashes and Eyes... )

I guess I wrote enough now.. grab the taxi, try the demos and .... be beautiful !!

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