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Apparence Style Challenge

Apparence Style Challenge

27 Nov 2009 - 29 Jan 2010

Show off your style with Apparence Skins & Shapes as we search for a super stylist to win a contract with Apparence and AVENUE Magazine. Over the next 8 weeks, weekly winners will be selected leading up to one final grand prize winner.

This is your chance to show off your styling, modeling and photography skills and get a head start in the fashion industry.

1. Choose a shape and skin from Apparence and style it up any way you like it and photograph the look you've created. Shapes may be modified ONLY if it is necessary to fit the clothing (e.g. breasts, hips and butt).

2. Each person is allowed to submit multiple photos, but only once per week. Those found submitting more then one photo a week will be disqualified. Each entry has to be either a different shape and/or skin from Apparence i.e. same skin with a different shape or same shape with a different skin.

3. Photos may be edited (photoshop, etc) but may not drastically distort the shape and skin.

4. Join the Apparence flickr group to submit/upload your entry with the following details :

Full Avatar Name
Name of Apparence Skin
Name of Apparence Shape
Styling Details

5. All photo entries must be submitted 1024 X 1024 image (raw photos are acceptable) and showcase the Apparence skin and shape clearly by every Wednesday with the last submission for overall competition being 20 January 2010.

6. Results will be announced each week on Friday, starting 4 December 2009, and the final winner will be announced on 29 January 2010. Be sure to join the Apparence Subscribomatic (located at the mainstore) and/or AVENUE Magazine Readers Group to be notified of weekly and final challenge winners.

7. For any queries, contact contest manager Devine Hunt via NOTECARD in-world.

A total of one (1) winner per week will be chosen and awarded:

Gifts from:
Vanity Hair
Apparence Skins & Shapes


From the eight finalists one grand prize winner will be chosen.

The grand prize winner will receive:

Apparence Contract (model, photographer and stylist)
Styling Contract with AVENUE Magazine

Gifts from:
Apparence Skins & Shapes



TP to Apparence for more info.

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